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Meet the Founder

Mrs. Cynthia Thomas-Rustin is an extraordinary dance teacher that exemplifies true leadership in and out of the studio. RVA Youth and Seniors in motion serves a wide range of Richmond community members from toddlers to senior citizens, providing all with access to proper nutrition and physical health education to improve their daily lives. Mrs. Thomas-Rustin reinforces the art and athleticism of dance, educating her students of the importance of performing with authentic human emotion while simultaneously strengthening their dance technique. She fosters a diverse and inclusive community atmosphere within the studio that is founded upon her values of kindness and freedom of self-expression. She works hard to make a mark in the community and using dance and fitness as a vehicle to save lives. 

She has 25+ years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. She studied the Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham’s dance and movement technique at the Harry Bryce Dance Theater. She has traveled extensively as a principal dancer with the Harry Bryce Dance Theatre and is a former member of the Robert Pemberton Dance Company.

Cynthia is the Dance Ambassador of the National Dance Foundation for VA along with the President of RVA Youth and Seniors in Motion Non-Profit Organization. Cynthia is Richmond Virginia’s longest running African American women based business dedicated to training and ecouraging students and professionals, including assisting National Recording Artist Earnest Pugh with CD Release Projects and community events.

Share your Wellness Journey today with Cynthia!

Radio Show Morning Glory with Cynthia

This show promotes Power 4 Wellness as a higher quality of life and incorporates three basic wellness dimensions: physical wellness, spiritual wellness, and emotional wellness. Support Cynthia for her upcoming WELLNESS RADIO SHOW starting this August. Contribute today! Help keep Power 4 Wellness on the air. 

Thank you, 

Cynthia Thomas-Rustin

Contribution $65 

1 Show $100

2 Shows $185

1 Month $250

3 Months $780

6 Month $1500

1 Year $3000  

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