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Kiana Gunn

Assistant Dance Teacher

Student @ University of Richmond 

The Student

I'm a junior at the University of Richmond. I'm seeking a Bachelor's of Science degree in Molecular Biology. I aspire to be a scientist specializing in cancer research. I'm an active member of my campus ministry, Disciples on Campus, which is affiliated with the Greater Richmond Church of Christ.

The Dancer

I have dance roughly 8 yrs for Mrs. Thomas-Rustin and currently taking ballet class at the University of Richmond.

I believe that I possess the leadership qualities of a great dance instructor: empathy, active listening skills and passion. I empathize with my students, aged four to fifteen years old, by adapting my teaching style to match their education level. I actively listen to my students by paying close attention to their challenges with technique or the choreography. I am very passionate about all things dance.

 I truly appreciate the freedom to express my story, or the choreographer’s story, with an art form that integrates human emotion with corporal movement. As an assistant teacher, I always try to exemplify my zeal and passion for dance, making the choreography more worthwhile to learn and perform for my students. I always try to establish a warm and inclusive community atmosphere within the studio by reinforcing the importance of kindness and freedom of self.

Frank James Rustin

Owner of Positive Self-Awareness Inc.

Former U.S Marine

Associate Broker  VA Capital Realty

In 1975 Mr. Rustin attended the Master Dong Martial Art School and studied five (5) styles of Martial Arts and received his Black belt degree in 1986.

His focus is positive self awareness for young

boys between the ages of 7-18 years old. He provide patients observation, motivational classes, using martial arts as a therapeutic intervention, substance abuse counseling classes and treatment services. He attended J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College where he studied to become a Substance Abuse Counselor. While enrolled in the Substance Abuse Counseling, Case Management and Substance Abuse Course he achieved the knowledge, and skills that would enable him to understand the technique for writing case management studies, problem-solving, and interacting with a variety of clients and students. 


Virtual Classes until location is operating on regular schedule


Mrs. Cynthia

4pm Dance Choreography RVA Youth 5-8

6pm Adult Kick Boxing 

7:15pm Praise & Worship Dance 


Mrs. Cynthia

9am Seniors in Motion Chair Aerobics

6pm Inspirational Dance

7:30pm Martial Arts for Men PSA

 (Mr. Frank)


Mrs. Cynthia

5pm RVA Youth

6pm Body Sculpting


Mrs. Cynthia

9am Seniors in Motion Yoga

11:30am Cardio Chair Dance /Weights for Seniors

6pm Intermediate Yoga & Pilates


Mr. Frank

11:00am Martial Arts  (MIA)

Men in Action


Ms. Kiana

Mrs. Cynthia 

9am 5-7 yrs old 

Basic Ballet/Inspirational

11:15am 3-4 yrs old Creative Ballet

12:15pm 8-16yrs old Modern Dance


By Special Request!

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